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Allied Construction is constantly striving for 100% Customer Satisfaction. The phrase used around the roofing world, right? Tossed around so loosely in this industry, few companies pay any mind to it at all. At Allied, it's not our motto, or our catch phrase. It's our PROMISE. We pursue, day in and day out, not only to set, but far EXCEED the standard in all facets of the industry. Our NO MONEY DOWN policy is testament to our commitment to our clients and their satisfaction. This practice allows the clients to inspect and approve their completed project before ever spending a dollar. Currently, we service areas in South Dakota and Wyoming. We maintain an excellent reputation of spotless clean-ups, excellent customer service and fair and affordable pricing. We understand and are honored to take the weight off of our client's shoulders throughout the process of filing an insurance claim and coordinating with insurance companies throughout your project. Call us today for your free, no obligation estimate.


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Allied Construction is constantly striving to innovate not only ourselves as a company, but also this industry as a whole. Beginning with our practice of employing full-time Catastrophe Insurance Adjusters. This rare and unique quality of Allied Construction allows us to ALWAYS remain current with insurance guidelines, procedures and pricing. This further solidifies the seamless and stress-free experience we can consistently offer our clients throughout this process. It ensures that our clients' property is restored to pre-storm condition just as their insurer promises. Our expert estimators will inspect your loss to be absolutely certain that no damage was overlooked by your insurance company. Should we find anything overlooked, Allied will handle any and all leg work in ordering a re-inspection of your property, specifying the new damage, and getting you paid for all justified losses. Should you find yourself experiencing any problems with your claim, call us anytime for a free claim evaluation. We have the expertise, the tools, and the training to operate as the perfect liaison between you and your insurance company regarding your loss, your property and the project. We know the ins and outs of the insurance company’s responsibilities, and we guarantee to hold them accountable throughout the entire process. Proving to truly be "Your Ally in the Roofing Business".

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Allied Construction consist of award-winning team of Architects, Insurance Adjusters, Roofing Crews, Siding Crews, Gutter Crews, Designers, Builders and a dedicated Administrative Support Staff. With Our Team, you can rest assured that your project is in good hands.

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